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Robert D. Robbins, Attorney at Law LLC, provides counsel and serves the litigation needs of clients ranging from small and emerging entrepreneurial businesses to large corporations who face the prospect of litigation.

When ligation becomes necessary, Robby will lay out a plan to determine how strong the case is, how much money is at risk if the client wins or loses, and what impact the suit would have on corporate assets.

Robby pursues needed litigation with tenacity and determination, while remaining committed to being result oriented and avoiding unnecessary legal proceedings and expenses.

Robby provides advice on general business litigation matters in the following representative area, including but not limited to:

• Building & Construction Litigation       

• Business Disputes       

• Commercial Leases       

• Contract Disputes

• Environmental Law

• General Litigation

• Lease & Landlord/Tenant

• Real Estate Development Litigation

When you need to protect your business and its future, call Robby Robbins at 843-285-7100.