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Robert D. Robbins, Attorney at Law, LLC is committed to providing our clients with highly competent legal advice and maximum value. Common sense solutions help our clients revolve legal issues rapidly and cost effectively. When litigation is the only means to resolve an issue, Robby Robbins has the experience, tenacity, determination, and track record to be a highly effective voice for your side.

Robby Robbins: Your Advocate

When you or a loved one has been injured, property has been damaged, or you have been accused of a blue or white-collar crime in South Carolina, you need an attorney with experience on both sides of the judicial system.

Robby is a dedicated advocate for people and their families who have been injured through the negligence of others, or who face a criminal charge or possible litigation.

Robby Robbins’ Reputation for Results

Robby Robbins has a well-earned reputation for integrity, tenacity, and client advocacy. His extensive experience as a prosecutor, litigator, and trial advocate mean he has an impressively broad and comprehensive understanding of the civil and criminal justice systems.

Robby Robbins: a Partner in Business

As a board member and chair of two local chambers of commerce and a board member of the Charleston Region Development Alliance, Robby has worked with small community businesses and large global corporations.

He understands that a good business relationship depends on clear communication. He also knows in the course of running a business, difficulties may arise that can interrupt dialing operations and even escalate into litigation. Robby helps clients with negotiation and litigation.